Meco acquires new profile projector and laser interferometer

At MECO we are constantly investing in innovation and improvement, always looking for the technological evolution of our products. On this path we have considered that it was time to make an investment in our existing measuring systems and we have equipped our Technical Office with the most advanced measuring technologies available, such as the laser interferometer and the profile projector.

The interferometer is an optical instrument that uses the interference of light waves to measure wavelengths of the same light with great precision. With the Renishaw XL-80 equipment we have acquired, we have made a qualitative leap forward by being able to take measurements that allow us to calibrate the machines we manufacture with total precision, as well as certifying these measurements

the interferometer, we are equipped with a ballbar system that performs a quick and easy check of the positioning performance of a CNC machine according to the most recognised international standards (e.g. ISO, ANSI/ASME etc.).

The Keyence IM-6025 profile projector will also allow us to guarantee the accuracy of measurements of the tools and spare parts that we offer our customers, enabling us to offer them customised blades for cutting parts according to their specifications, with a precision that was previously unattainable.

Following a training process for the technicians and engineers who will use these new devices, we now have a measuring capacity that will enable us to exceed our already recognised quality standards.

An advance that we are sure will strengthen our position as a benchmark machine-tool manufacturer, which after almost 40 years of experience has set up more than 500 machines in 30 countries all over the world.

Let's keep moving forward!


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Programa de Renovación de la Maquinaria de Producción MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. Plan estratégico de la competitividad de MECO Services RCI-040000-2016-38

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