Legal notice

Legal notice

MECO is the commercial name for MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L., with tax code B-43055235. MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. acts as the holder, enabler and administrator of this website content. Therefore, the sales, advertising, trading, administration or contracting goods and/or services is the responsibility of the aforementioned company, owner of this domain and operating under the MECO brand, available at the following address for sales and administrative queries: Mecánica Comercial Meco. Licoristes, 35. Polígono Industrial de Valls. 43800 Valls - SPAIN. T. 0034 977 603 101


Use of the website attributes the condition of user, and implies total acceptance, without reservations, of each and every one of the clauses included in this Legal Notice in the version published by MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. when the User accesses the website. Consequently, the User should read this Legal Notice carefully each time he/she intends to use the website as it might have been modified.


MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. is not responsible for websites that it does not own which can be accessed via links or any content made available by third parties. Any use of a link or access to a non-owned website takes place at the user's own free will and exclusive risk and MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO S.L. does not recommend or guarantee any information obtained via a link outside the MECO website, nor is it responsible for any loss, complaint or damage derived from the use or abuse of a link, or the information obtained through it, including from other links or websites, for any break in service or in access or from the attempt to use or not use a link badly, both when connecting to the MECO website and when accessing information on other sites from the MECO site.


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The information and services included or available via the web pages may include incorrect information or typing errors. Changes are periodically included in the content information. MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. can include improvements and/or changes in the services or contents at any time. MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. has obtained the information and materials included on the website from sources considered to be reliable. However, although the corresponding measures have been taken to ensure that the information contained is correct, this does not guarantee that it is accurate or up to date. It should also be considered that the contents of this website have two purposes: one is informative in terms of quality, situation, services and rates and the other is to sell services.


MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. declines any responsibility in the event that there are interruptions or poor operation of the services or contents offered on the Internet, regardless of the cause. In addition, MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. is not responsible for Internet failure, business losses as a consequence of this failure, temporary power cuts or any other type of indirect damage that might be caused to Users for causes beyond the control of MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L., neither declares nor guarantees that the services or contents will be interrupted or that they are free of errors, that the defects will be amended, or that the service or the server that makes them available is free from viruses or any other harmful components, although MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. will make the utmost effort to avoid this type of incident. In the event that the User makes certain decisions or carries out certain actions based on the information included on any of the websites, it is recommended to check information received with other sources


The contents provided by MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L., plus contents appearing on the net through its web pages, are deemed to be a work in terms of legislation on intellectual property and so are protected by applicable international laws and agreements. This strictly forbids any type of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, broadcasting and, in general, any other act of public use referring both to websites and their contents and information, without express and prior written content from MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L.. Consequently, all contents displayed on several websites and particularly designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, commercial names, brands, industrial drawings or any other indication that is likely to be used industrially or commercially are subject to MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L.'s intellectual or industrial property rights or those of third parties holding them that have duly authorised their inclusion on the different websites. The contents, images, shapes, opinions, index and other formal expressions that are part of the websites, as well as the necessary software to operate and view them, also constitute work in terms of Copyright and therefore remain protected by international agreements and national legislation on Intellectual Property that might be applied. Not complying with the above implies committing serious illicit acts, sanctioned by civil and criminal legislation. Any act is strictly forbidden by virtue of which Users of the services or contents may directly or indirectly, entirely or partially, exploit or commercially use any of the contents, images, shapes, index and other formal expressions that make up the websites without prior written consent from MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L.. Specifically, and non-exhaustively, it is forbidden to reproduce, distribute, exhibit, transmit, broadcast, issue in any way, store in physical or software supports (e.g. disks or hard disk of a computer), digitalise or make available on databases other than authorised by MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. in addition to translation, adaptation, adjustment or any other transformation of the aforementioned opinions, images, shapes, index and other formal expressions that are made available to Users via the server or contents to the extent that these acts are submitted to applicable legislation on intellectual or industrial property or image protection. MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. is free to limit access to the websites and the products and/or services it offers, as well as the resulting publication of opinions, observations, images or comments that Users might make via email. In this respect, MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. could establish, if it considers it opportune, without harming the Users' unique and exclusive responsibility, the necessary filters to prevent contents or opinions appearing on the Internet via its pages that might be considered racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory, or that in any way, promote violence or the dissemination of clearly illicit or harmful contents. For Users that send observations, opinions or comments by email to the MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. website suggestions department, unless they clearly and unmistakably express to the contrary, in cases where this was possible due to the nature of the services or content, it is understood that they authorise MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. to reproduce, distribute, exhibit, transmit, broadcast, issue in any format, store in physical or software devices (e.g. on disks or a computer hard disk), digitalise, make available from databases belonging to MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L., translate, adapt, adjust or perform any other transformation of observations, opinions or comments like these, for the entire time that the author is legally protected. It is also understood that this authorisation is given free of charge and that the mere fact of sending this type of observation, opinion or comment by email means that Users decline any financial aspiration from MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L.

In accordance with the previous paragraph, MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. also remains authorised to modify or alter observations, opinions or comments like these, in order to adapt them to the websites' editing format needs, without it being understood that there is any type of injury at all to any of the moral copyright faculties that Users might hold over them. Technical, logical or technological resources are prohibited that by virtue of which a third party might directly or indirectly benefit, for profit or not for profit, from each and every piece of content, shape, index and other formal expressions that make up the websites or from the work carried out by MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. to operate them. This specifically prohibits any link, hyperlink, framing or similar tie that might be established in the address of the MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. websites without prior, express and written contents from MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L.. Any transgression pertaining to this point will be considered as injury of MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L.'s legitimate intellectual property rights over the web pages and all their content. MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. will not assume the slightest responsibility for consequences derived from the aforementioned behaviour and actions, in the same way that it will not assume the slightest responsibility for the contents, services, products, etc. from third parties that might be accessed directly or through banners, links, hyperlinks, framing or similar ties from the MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. websites.


Válido hasta el 25 de noviembre de 2023

Programa de Renovación de la Maquinaria de Producción de la unidad de MECO Services MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. ha recibido una financiación del Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo, dentro del Programa de Renovación de la Maquinaria de Producción.

Programa de Renovación de la Maquinaria de Producción MECÁNICA COMERCIAL MECO, S.L. Plan estratégico de la competitividad de MECO Services RCI-040000-2016-38

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