brochadora mec 150

Keyseating machine for large parts that are difficult to machine

One of MECO's largest machines. It offers versatility and speed for large calibre parts. The MEC 150 can work with widths between 3 and 150 mm and parts 1000 mm high.

The column feed gives maximum precision in large keyseating and splines (straight, conical or blind, inside or outside). By means of its 7 CV motor with electrical safety equipment, plus the automatic system for bringing in the tool to the point where it will start working, allowing adjustment of the path and the separation between cutting edge and part, it is possible to perform fine work even on large parts.


The MEC 150 has one of the largest worktops on the market, allowing its operators to work with parts up to 1400 mm in diameter. CNC technology can control both the main motor on the broaching machine and the work bench displacement motor.

Its tactile screen makes it easy to control the operations and adjustments. In addition, it has our own particular automatic toolholder separation system that provides an impeccable finish on the parts and extends the slotting machine's lifespan.

Parts Made

Slotting and Grooving:


pieza brochadora recta mec 150


pieza brochadora ciegos mec 150


pieza brochadora conicos mec 150


pieza brochadora especiales mec 150


Geometric Shapes:


pieza brochadora estriados mec 150


pieza brochadora poligonales mec 150

Technical Data Sheet

Download the technical data sheet for the MEC 150 PREMIUM slotting machine. For more information or any queries, please contact the sales department: 



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